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RMIS .. the future is now.
Elettrotest is pleased to announce the new inverter-powered engine resistance meters for asynchronous and brushless motors. (RESISTANCE METER INVERTER SUPPLIED) The measurement takes place during operation thanks to a decoupling system calibrated for the frequencies of the inverters (up to 10 Hz) and a sophisticated current injection system that allows you to return the measure of resistance from which it becomes easy to calculate the heating of the windings.

The first model is designed for 20 A/5A with two separate channels to improve measurement accuracy. The first for 2/20/200 Ohm stairs, the second for stairs from 2000 Ohm. It will be available in a table and rack version on a size of 4 units. Provided in standard configuration with two channels allows the measurements of monophase engines and triphase with neutral.

Important news is a touch panel to manage the reading of measurements and schedule the start of automatic tests for temperature measurement. These tests can be stored up to 28 days in a USB stick.
The devices are in the final pilot test phase, with 2Q2020 availability.

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