• About us

    Founded in 1986, Elettrotest designs and manufactures professional electronic instruments, and develops products designed together with the customer to meet the needs of the international market.
    Thanks to its continuous collaboration with the academic sector and the resulting motivation, the company is currently one of the world leaders in the development and manufacturing of programmable voltage generators, electronic equipment and controls for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration.
    Constant research and innovation, together with continuous and lucrative collaboration with universities, allow Elettrotest to position itself as a market leader with excellent products that are always updated and competitive in Italy and abroad.
    Unique characteristics such as openness, flexibility and versatility are fundamental to the company’s success. At each stage of project development, the customer is consulted and involved, enabling us to best meet their needs and develop the specific products requested in a timely, consistent and effective manner, as we suggest the best solutions to any problems raised.
    In particular, the company stands out in the sector due to its noteworthy propensity to develop state-of-the-art products, as well as its total availability to the customer during design, assistance and post-sales service.

  • Products

    Elettrotest produces instruments for measuring power and detecting the temperature in electric motor windings for programmable AC voltage generators, electronic thermostats, phase-cutting voltage regulators and a wide range of inverters for induction motors and high-efficiency brushless motors for countless fields of application.
    The company is especially open to analysing specific requests and the design, planning and creation of ad hoc and customised products.

  • Evolution

    Elettrotest aims to constantly expand the range of products it offers on the market, so as to maintain the record it has achieved in terms of competitiveness and innovation. To this end, the company has always invested heavily in basic research and the development of technologically advanced solutions with the aim of updating its existing products to meet market needs and offer increasingly new and cutting edge tools.

  • Industrial application

    Elettrotest can satisfy the most varied requests regarding a wide range of industrial applications
    The common denominator is the power electronics and the control of the main thermal, electrical and air flow components.

  • Developments

    In recent years, Elettrotest has invested considerable attention, energy and resources in the development of drives for induction motors and brushless motors, as well as the development of programmable voltage generators.
    Studies on the drives have led to the addition of inverters and low voltage controls (12-24 volt DC) for various industrial applications.
    In the last 5 years a significant design effort has been made for drives for brushless motors, which has led the company to have a range of inverters covering powers from 50 Watts to 2000 Watts, with sensored controls (with position transducers) or sensorless controls (without position transducers), obtained by implementing the latest in digital controls.
    This product range is receiving a growing interest from current customers who appreciate the company’s willingness to fulfil their requests, continuously upgrading products according to new hardware components and the evolution of Reference Standards.

    Studies on the programmable voltage generators have led to the new ranges of generators that have made it possible to expand the available output power up to 200kVA on a single unit, expand its frequency band to 5kHz, put several units in parallel and develop new regenerative units for the renewable energy sector.

    In the coming years, Elettrotest will increase the range of inverters for induction motors and brushless motors, as well as the range of voltage generators designed for power supply to production lines, for the needs of company laboratories and the verification of new regulatory standards at certifying laboratories.