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RPS Trifase

Generatore trifase 20KVA combinabile a rack per diverse configurazioni in sistemi di collaudo.

Scheda tecnica

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Code 99113553
Name RPS 15K/30S (20KVA)
Power Countinous mode 20 KVA
Power Inrush mode 15KVA / 30KVA
Output External transformer necessary
VOLTAGE Range 150V/300V(4)
Accuracy <0.5% f.s.
Distortion <0.6%
Stability of the output voltage <0.1% f.s.
Recovery time of the waveform <10ms
Maximum Compensated drop 5% s.v.
Recovery-time of drop on wires <200ms
Output voltage resolution 0.025% f.s.
Inrush function
(Max current)
1PH RMS continuous (2) 150V 101 A
RMS continuous (2) 300V 50 A
Inrush Current (3 seconds)(2) 150V 203 A
Inrush Current (3 seconds)(2) 300V 102 A
3PH RMS continuous (2) 150V 34 A
RMS continuous (2) 300V 17 A
Inrush Current (3 seconds)(2) 150V 68 A
Inrush Current (3 seconds)(2) 300V 34 A
Countinous function
(Max current)
1PH RMS continuous (2) 150V 133 A
RMS continuous (2) 300V 67 A
3PH RMS continuous (2) 150V 45 A
RMS continuous (2) 300V 22 A
FREQUENCY Output frequency range 50Hz(5) – 80Hz
Range of synchronization 45Hz – 65Hz
Frequency resolution 0.02Hz
Frequency precision 100ppm
SUPPLY Input supply 400Vac±10% 3PH
Maximum Input current 50A
Input Frequency 47Hz-63Hz
OTHER Size (H : W : D) 8U : 84TE : 500
Weight 50Kg
Protections OVP;UVP;OTP
Operation Temperature Range 0-35°C
Firmware with SCPI OPTION
Remote program PS Interface
Driver LabVIEW PS Driver
Manual 62000587
Brochure RPS 20K 15K30S
Communication protocol
Declaration of conformity UE
Single/Three phase
Double range
Rack version available
OVP = Over voltage protection
UVP = Under voltage protection
OTP = Over temperature protection
f.s. = Full scale
(2) With Resistive load
(4) Other range on request
(5) It is possible on remote interface to set 10Hz but you must
decrease the maximum voltage
(6) It is possible to use in single phase mode but with 1/3 of nominal
power. It is possible asymmetrical output current