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Rack Power supply – Space is no longer a problem!

Elettrotest launches the new 300 Vac / 300 Vdc  compact generator in order to satisfy even more the system integrators’ needs.
The RPS 1000 VA (Rack Power supply) will be followed by the 2500/5000/10000 VA models.

It is a voltage generator suitable for rack installations that occupies only 2 units and provides 1000 VA continous and 2000 VA  inrush.

The RPS 1000  is equipped with a programmable peak current control that makes it fit for applications (batteries, LEDs) that require limits on input current.

The RPS 1000 is a precise and stable generator like our top-end series. It is remotely controlled thanks to a serial connection or an isolated 0/10 V command, and it suits the most of the applications on the market.

Furthermore it has a series of digital commands that allow frequency changes, AC / DC voltage selections and remote control. At the same time it is characterised by digital inputs/outputs, which make the connection with PLC systems easy.