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Do you like our products? Would you want to manage them in remote way? We are happy to announce two new software (included Labview drivers). Modern hardware interface and different protocols are available to manage our main products.

New touch screen interface for the TPS / M family

We are proud to extend the touch screen interface to the TPS / M family This extension allows to enrich the TPS / M series with the following features: – DC programming – Programmable current limits -Remote control via LAN -Added Modbus & Modbus / TCP protocols

New product – XPS (eXtreme Power Supply)

We are very proud to launch the new series of Programmable Power Source (named XPS series) able to provide DC voltage and AC voltage from 10Hz to 1kHz with high characteristic of purity , stability and accuracy.

Sensorless & programmable inverter line for brushless motors

Elettrotest presents a new line of inverters for brushless motors with a sensorless algorithm, programmable performance and high efficiency.

New product: Test Current Supply

Elettrotest launches the new 3000A-3V current generator TCS (Test Current Supply) in order to satisfy the more demanding requests in a wide range of applications as: • Testing of ferromagnetic materials • Testing of current transducers • Testing of switches, contactors, connectors, cables and everywhere you need to manage high current with very high precision.

More performance and great flexibility with the new interface for our generators

The new micro board has all the features present in the previous version, allowing the interchangeability on the old projects.

RPS family expanded its models! Both 2K5VA and 5KVA models are available!

New models RPS2500 (2500VA) and RPS5000 (5000VA) are now available.

Rack Power supply – Space is no longer a problem!

Elettrotest launches the new 300 Vac / 300 Vdc compact generator in order to satisfy even more the system integrators’ needs.

Hight Power Supply Ready To Parallel

When the power has no limits. Available the new HPS (HIGH POWER SUPPLY) parallelable serie, up to 1 Megawatt, with 200 KVA per unit.

New product: VIW Interface high precision

We are proud to announce a new series of high precision, wide-band wattmeters, able to perform extremely accurate measurements.


Elettrotest S.p.A. was founded in 1986, thanks to the intuition of Professor Luigi Malesani at the University of Padua, who was collaborating with Rpm and had designed the first electric motor for them.

The stability of voltage and frequency: a necessity to guarantee our products

Elettrotest faces the market with new families of the classic TPS.