Sensorless & programmable inverter line for brushless motors

Elettrotest  presents  a new  line of inverters for brushless motors with a sensorless algorithm, programmable performance  and high efficiency.

Thanks to a special phasing alghoritm inverters can control different types of motor (rare-earth elements or ferrite motors) and perform according to a wide parameter set  which is prorammable via Modbus.

Various types of control can be used:

• speed;

• power;

• current;

• flow;

• pressure.

Each control can be adapted to the dynamics of the application to obtain the best results in terms of comfort  and efficiency.

These models are particularly suited for ventilation applications (centrifugal blower, axial fan..) where dissipation elements  exploit air flux  for achieving maximum power dissipation.
All inverter are programmable and controllable with the same interface, so integration and model substitution is very easy.