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RPS family expanded its models! Both 2K5VA and 5KVA models are available!

New models RPS2500 (2500VA) and RPS5000 (5000VA) are now available.

They own all the features of RS1000 put on the market in 2017:

• Output voltage: 300Vac / 300Vdc

• Nominal output frequency (AC mode): 10-80Hz (available up to 320Hz in limitation mode)

• Remote control both via serial communication (RS232 standard / RS485 option / LAN option) and via analog/digital interface

• Protections:

o UVP (Under Voltage protection)

o OVP ( Over Voltage Protection)

o OTP (Over Temperature Protection)

o OCP (Over Current Protection);

• Current limitations (both peak and average) can be remotely set via software

• Overload up to two times nominal current until 3 seconds

• Dimensions 4U: 450:540

RPS are designed to satisfy even hard testing needs. If you properly set current limit, RPS becomes an excellent current generator for applications that required current control at high voltage (battery tests, led, etc. …).

You can also manage RPS easily by analog/digital interface using PLC systems.

RPS are high performance device. Below you can find the main technical features:

• Distortion of the output waveform <0.3%

• Stability of the output voltage <0.1%

• Accuracy of the output voltage <0.5%

• Recovery-time of the output waveform <10ms

• Recovery-time of the output voltage <10ms

• Compensated drop on wires ≤5% f.s

• Recovery-time of drop on wires <200ms