RPS1000: all CPS1000 power in less space

It’s available the new compact 300Vac/300Vdc power supply for testing.

Main features:

Nominal power: 1000VA (surge 2000VA);

Suitable for rack installation. Needs only 2 unit!

Programmable current setting: You can set RPS as a constant current generator ideal for LED and battery applications. It’s very useful in testing to protect the equipment under test from dangerous failure currents.

Serial remote control (RS232). You can set all the functional mode. (RS485 on request)

Analog interface to set easily RPS through PLC (0-10V input to set output set point; digital input to set frequency, AC/DC output, output relay enable; digital output to know RPS status or to synchronize an external instrumentation with RPS output)

More information!

Distortion of the output waveform <0.3%
Stability of the output voltage <0.1%
Accuracy of the output voltage <0.5%
Recovery time of the output waveform <10ms
Recovery-time of the output voltage <10ms
Maximum compensated drop on wires 5% f.s.
Recovery-time of drop on wires <200ms.
Output frequency range DC/ 10Hz – 80Hz
Frequency resolution 0.02Hz
Frequency precision and time stability 100ppm
Output voltage at constant power 300V
Output voltage resolution 0.025% f.s. (12 bit su f.s.)
Operating temperature of function 0°C – 35°C