• Power source

    Power source

    Series of single-phase, single/three-phase and three-phase AC/DC voltage generators, which can be programmed in voltage and frequency with power from 1 KVA to 200 KVA. All of the generators are designed to generate a sinusoidal voltage (isolated or non-isolated, depending on the model) with elevated purity, stability and precision, and to support a short circuit on the outlets for an indefinite period of time. They are also equipped with remarkable pickup capacity, a wide range of frequency programming from 10Hz to 80Hz, and remote control from the PC, which makes it possible to simulate the networks of every part of the world. Elettrotest also designs and produces generators based on customer specifications.

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  • Power measurement

    Power measurement

    Series of single-phase, three-phase aron and three-phase Wattmeters with precision classes of 1%, 0.5%, 0.3% and 0.4%, designed for both industrial and laboratory settings. Many wattmeters are equipped with TA and TV, making them particularly robust in the event of excess current or short circuit. Elettrotest also produces a series of Ohmmeters in the precision class of 0.3%, which can make the resistance measurement of the motor while it is operating. This aspect makes these instruments unit in their kind and especially appreciated in laboratory settings. All of the series are available in table, rack, box and board versions.

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  • Power control

    Power control

    Series of single-phase 1, 5A and 20A voltage regulators for use in ventilation.
    With these regulators it is possible to adjust the voltage applied to the motor, using the phase cutting principle and consequently the available torque of the crankshaft. They are suitable for connection to induction motors that can operate with high slip. Series of inverters with single-phase input for induction motors and brushless motors ranging from 25W to 2000W for countless applications.The inverters allow the motor to run in optimal conditions with a considerable increase in system efficiency. Series of custom thermostats for ventilation, refrigeration,air-conditioning and heating. Elettrotest produces regulators, inverters and thermostats for both general applications and custom-made applications.

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